YOU GUYS! I am so excited to be coming to you today with this AWESOME post! My hair journey has been SO back + forth + for a few years I have been dreaming about having long, amazing hair. At long last, my dreams have been answered! Recently, I partnered with the amazing Hairdreams to get LONG, luscious beautiful, DREAM hair! I could not be more thrilled, I literally feel like a princess you guys, it is THE greatest!!

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There is something about smelling lovely that just makes my soul SMILE. Quite literally sometimes I wake up in the morning excited to just wakeup, shower, + put on my favorite perfume. The best part about an amazing fresh scent is when you have been working hard all day, slaving away at your computer + you get up to move around + catch a fresh whiff of the glorious scent. It honestly puts a smile to my face. Call me crazy, but does this happen for anyone else?!

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Beauty is essential to prime + pamper yourself. To me, there is nothing better than getting a new beauty product for the Holidays. I absolutely LOVE to try new things to incorporate into my routine. Currently, I have a pretty solid routine down for my beauty so I also love gifting the pieces I love most to friends for the Holidays.

This lipstick by Kat Von D is the perfect stain lip color. It is a little darker than nude and makes the perfect “nudist” statement!

I have a very specific way of doing my hair, + this T3 Whirl Trio curler with changeable barrels is JUST what I need to get the perfect curl. This gift is a bit more of a splurge but is absolutely worth it.

This eyeshadow palette by Naked has lasted me for years. I am just about out of my favorite go to colors, but I love the neutral combinations with pops of metallics.

If you have ever been around me, you know that my signature scent is a woodsy scent. My absolute favorite musky scent is Santal Le Labo… just about everyone comments about this irresistible scent!

If you are not sure what to get a friend or family member for a gift this season, beauty products are such a great option!

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