Lovely lovely lovely LOVES! I hope everyone had the MOST lovely of 4ths celebrating with friends + family! I had a lovely day myself that was ever so CHILL + relaxing… a small group of us spent the day in Newport by a bay with a picnic + watched fireworks! It was perfect!

I actually surprised myself because versus going to a few 4th of July parties with tons of people, I opted to hangout with just a few close friends away from the crowds. I said no to many other options + chose to go with the most simple, low key 4th of July celebration [sans big party]. For an extroverted personality like me, this kind of “seclusion” sometimes can be shocking [even to myself].

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Hi Loves! Summer has officially arrived + I am ALL about celebrating these next 93 days!! BRING. IT. ON! Sunshine. BBQ’s. Beach. Summer Fridays. Weekend trips. Outdoor Picnics… I AM READY! I hope you got a chance to read my last post, about a little of my past history. If you haven’t you can catch it here!

Although there are many things that have impacted my life, a significant part of my life has been shaped by the different places I have lived. Do you ever reflect on this as well? Today I want to talk to you loves about the biggest things I have learned while moving. There are many + they are quite important!

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Hi lovely loves! How in this amazing world are you?!? I have been traveling the last 6 days so my sincerest apologies for this post being one day late per my usual schedule! I am enjoying every moment of this trip because….. well…. I get to experience LOVE, FAMILY, + good ole TEXAS! Those of you that know me, may or may not know [because some are confused] that I did not actually grow up in Texas. But alas, it is where my home is now + I couldn’t love it more! Speaking of this, most of you have NO idea where I came from! SO, this week I want to focus on taking you to my roots + letting you into a bit about my personal history as it relates to places + experiences throughout my life. YOU READY?! Let’s dooo itttttt!

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Hello lovelies! It is FRIDAY + who is just as excited about this weekend as I am? As you read this, I am currently in Nashville on my way to a dear friends wedding… after Nashville, I proceed to Texas to see my family – YEEHAW, it is going to be 10 days of pure FUN!

Today, I wanted to share with you a bit about a day in the life of “Kaitness”! Truth be told, none of my days look all that similar! BUT, I do try to get a consistent rhythm in place when I can, because I love patterns and consistency. Have you ever wondered what it is like to run two jobs, manage a team, + take care of yourself all at the same time? You’re about to find out how I do it! Here we go!

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